hello, welcome home

You wake up one day and you wish that it gets better. What if that is the day you are proven wrong? and suddenly you’re trapped with living without wishes. It would suck right?

listen to this while reading for a full experience

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I get bored pretty easy. Tired. Stretched to the limits and beyond. Yet, I never learn to stop and after it all you’re to blame. Continue reading

20 is the new “FUCK! I’m an adult now”

It’s 2018. The beginning of it to be precise and obviously the time when everyone is so full of the “new year, new me” bullshit. Soooooo sick of it! It’s okay to set yourself some goals and to stick to those, that’s fine. But don’t be like “This year I will find my charming prince and live happily ever after in a castle” when you will fuck ugly ass frogs in dirty ass bathrooms all year around 🙂  Continue reading

I do

I never thought I’d write this and I never thought you will be reading this. You may not though, and if it’s true, carry on with your life. But if you are reading this, I miss you. Even if I will rarely admit it, I always will.

You were a part of my life, I’d be lying if I say I don’t feel something. You were my person once and I will never forget that. Continue reading

For you

This is for you, bookworms who would rather buy a new book than a pair of shoes.

This is for you, the girl who’s hair is so thick she looks like a lioness and is hating it every day.

This is for you, “weirdo” that never goes out and would rather watch movies instead. Continue reading


All my life I’ve always wondered “When will I find my soulmate? That one person that I’ll live with happily ever after and will complete me forever”. Growing up I realized that it is harder than it seems. After all, adulting is hard its self, without any other complications.

I’ve never been one to need someone there for me. I was always the one to be there for me. Until I realized that I don’t need only myself anymore. Because we are humans and we need humans. Continue reading